Kerala Ayurveda Rejuvenation Package

Duration 7 Days Places Covered 4 Places Best Time September - March
Includes : Sightseeing + Ayurveda Treatment
Places (Cities) Covered : Cochin – Alleppey – Kovalam (Ayurveda Treatment) - Thiruvananthapuram
Ayurvedic Massage, Kerala


As per our guests requirements, we are specialized in customization (tailor made) of ayurvedic treatment massage packages of Kerala.

Please let us know your special interest and choice, accordingly we will suggest tailor made itinerary as per your desire.

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A tourist destination like Kerala has its reputation upfront. Not every goal has treatments in their itinerary, but then Kerala Ayurvedic and herbal massages are world-famous. 

Amid all this is the tourism program which promises boat houses with stay, in the backwaters of Alleppey, Beaches of Kovalam, and the sights of Cochin. It is also noteworthy to mention the watersports of Kovalam. Therefore the combinations in this tour are bound to be exciting.


  • Mattancherry Palace, Jewish Synagogue and Chinese fishing net, Cochin. 
  • Enjoy Backwaters at Alleppey on a houseboat, overnight stay.
  • Water Sports at Kovalam Beach, which includes water scooters, snorkeling etc.
  • Get the Herbal Back Massage, for a day.
  • Learn yoga with Experts to maintain the right body balance with their diet.
  • Get stress-relieving massages and rejuvenating steam baths, as you indulge in different spa treatments.
  • Get Relaxed with delightful Ayurvedic therapy.
  • Visit Padmanabhaswamy Temple and Shri Chitra Art Gallery before departing from Trivandrum.

Ayurveda Treatment, Kerala

Tour Itinerary

Upon your arrival at Cochin's International Airport, you would be greeted by our representatives, who would first escort you to the Hotel, after clearing all formalities connected herewith. Once you have finished with some relaxation, we would straightway kick off the tour.

Our first stop is at the famous St. Francis church. At the heart of Fort Kochi, is St. Francis Church. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Kochi. The Church of St Francis in Kerala is the most ancient in India built in European style. The church's interior reflects the old Indo-European architecture with wooden roof and stone walls.

Then we proceed to Mattancherry Palace. It is the most beautiful example of the Kerala architecture-style interspersed with colonial influences, also known as the Dutch Palace. A lovely series of murals is in this double-story residence. This became known as the Dutch Palace because the Dutch partially restored it.

From here, we step into the Jewish the Synagogue, one's attention will quickly go to the Chinese floor tiles and blue willow tiles. The candlesticks come from Belgium are amazing. The Scrolls of the Law stored here, and the golden crowns received as gifts, and the brass-railed chariot are also of importance. Mattancherry stands as a testimony for the Jewish community presence. There is a Jewish graveyard that has epitaphs both in Malayalam/ Hebrew languages.   

Once we are through there, we pay a visit to the Famous Hill palace, which is now a museum. This 49-room palace building, about 13 km east of Ernakulam, was formerly the Kochi family's home. The royal family collections, as well as pictures, old coins, paintings and sculptures, jewelry, and temples from the 19th century, are now stored there.

Fort Kochi is a beach town in the southwestern part of Main Kochi, famous for its colonial charm of the old world. Every cultural transition the site has experienced over the years has still been preserved.

Kochi is dotted with European structures, churches, and other architectural buildings that take you back in time and another age.

It's noontime by now and the right time to see the Chinese fishing nets in the Kochi Fort. Regionally known as 'Cheena Vala,' traders from the courtyard of Kublai Khan run these massive fishing nets on teak, and bamboo poles are believed to have brought them down horizontally and through enormous mechanisms.

The evening is walking and shopping on Kochi's Broadway Street Spice Market. It is a wholesale market where you can buy high-quality and inexpensive spices and dried fruit. 

It's been one hectic day, and we return to our hotel for a nice dinner and a well-deserved sleep.
After a good night's sleep, we start on our 2 hours drive to Alleppey. 

Alleppey (now Alappuzha) is what you call the 'Venice of the East,' a real paradise. Alleppey is home to unparalleled natural beauty, adorned with an image of ideal scenery, sparkling rivers, lush greenery, and stunning freshwater lakes. It is a destination for all forms of travelers, whether they are nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts. 

After checking into the Houseboat, we sail through Alleppey's serene backwaters in a lovely "Kettuvallam" (houseboat) and enjoy the view of Kerala's unexplored regions. Flocks of ducks swim around the banks, and beautiful birds add chirpiness to the experience. Traveling in an Alleppey houseboat isn't just about stunning views of the sea. This, in itself, is an enchanting experience. The cool breeze and seasonal rains make the boat ride a unique experience. 

Houseboat offers accommodation with a kitchen in Alleppey that you can enjoy forever. Every boat includes a suite bathroom, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a fridge. They have a dining room and a balcony. Along with breakfast and dinner, visitors will enjoy a warm cocktail, evening tea, and snacks. 

After dinner, we relax and go to sleep. They were floating on the still waters under the boat, with just a little movement occasionally.
It's day three, as we get off the lovely Houseboat and ride comfortably into Kovalam, which is famous for its beaches. It's a four-hour drive, and we check into the hotel there. At this beach, the choices are abundant and varied. Many of them include sunbathing, sailing, toning the herbal body massages, special cultural programs, and catamaran cruising. 

The tropical sun works so rapidly that in a matter of minutes, one can see the slightest flush of coppery tan on the skin. Life on the beach begins late in the day and continues long into the evening. 

The beach complex contains a range of budget cottages Discover the underwater world by plunging into scuba diving or watching enchanting sunsets on a wooden boat ride — there are plenty of options. 

Its beautiful scenery everywhere your eyes look, Kovalam has catered successfully to all kinds of tourists from honeymooners to holiday-makers. But most importantly, with a plethora of water sports that professionals deliver. It is time now for your Herbal massage. As a herbal research center, Kovalam has gained quite a reputation. 

In Kovalam, some reputed ayurvedic hospitals provide ayurvedic healing of different kinds of diseases. The best part of Ayurveda is that it is not very costly, and there are no prominent fatal side effects of the medicines. Here in Kovalam, the best attraction of Ayurvedic hospitals is their special massage services for the bodies. 

There are different kinds of Ayurvedic Body Massages. After all these thrills, it's time to retire.
It is early morning on Day 4, and the Vaid (doctor) calls on you . to start the Ayurveda treatment for a day. 

The underlying condition is that you would not indulge in alcohol or cigarettes. In other words, he designs the diet for the day. The idea is to bring back the harmony which existed in your body before. The mind also experiences the same. You need to reply to the doctor’s questions on your present medical condition as you know it, and without falsifying it. It is quite a vital step, as the doctor has to decide the process, which differs from case to case. 

The doctor will seek to examine the imbalanced dosha based on this, discover the structure of the body and prepare the treatment for particular conditions to eliminate the accumulated toxins and schedule the diet according to the imbalance as well. 

Ayurveda's status in Kerala isn't an option but is the mainstream. We assure you we will be giving complete commitment to this medicine program. 

Kerala is perhaps one of the few places on earth where a 24-28 degree temperature is sustained during a consecutive rainy season. This abundance of moisture in the air and on the skin surface makes it the perfect location for natural medicinal products to function at their highest potency. 

The secret to living a healthy lifestyle in Ayurveda also lies within the power to achieve total relaxation through yoga. They have a large yoga area, and you could do yoga under a yoga teacher's guidance. Ayurveda's holistic medical science lies at the very center of our goal. 

Our Ayurvedic doctor has thoroughly perfected an array of personalized ayurvedic treatments. There are many massages carried out from time to time, and steam baths which would rejuvenate the body. 

The dinner follows as per their order, and you will rest at the Ayurveda center for the night.
Massage therapy knows how to manipulate the body's muscles and other sensitive tissues to soothe discomfort as well as other conditions. It is a therapeutic method of healing that evolved with the changing times. Here are the few therapies you would experience in a day.

Aromatherapy : A treatment that leverages the calming powers of the fragrances by using a combination of aromatic oils, it requires relaxing massage. It helps minimize high blood pressure, boost circulation, promote sleep, and detoxification. 

Swedish Circulatory Massage : This treatment includes the rubbing of muscles in the course of blood returning to the heart with long gliding movements. It helps in relaxing muscles, increases blood circulation, and activates the nervous system to increase blood oxygen levels. This increases resistance, enhances endurance, and reduces tension.

HydrotherapyHydrotherapy is the use of water to treat various muscular and skeletal conditions, including asthma and injuries to the spinal cord, etc. It requires special exercises in a warm pool of water and, while acting as a stress reliever, helps to resolve hormonal imbalances.

Deep Tissue Massage : A special message that operates on deep muscle layers, fascia, and other related body tissues. It is suitable for calming the muscles and for internal organs in the body.
Promote your overall health and well-being in any Ayurveda Spa by establishing harmony between your mind, body, and spirit. Here are some of the Ayurveda spa treatments:

1. Abhyanga revives your senses and relieves yourself of everyday tension with calming treatments and relaxes in complete tranquillity. Fosters overall wellbeing and helps with fatigue, anxiety, and body imbalances as well as reducing muscle and mind mental and physical stresses.

2. Avagaha also penetrates deep into toxins releasing to the cell level. Perhaps chemicals and impurities have once and for all been nuzzled in hidden places beyond the body, leaving you utterly empty of pollutants. 

3. Bashpaswed therapy is suitable for circulation changes, joint pain relief, stress management, and even weight loss aids.

4.Choornaswedana : The warm boluses help cure health issues such as arthritis, fatigue, and backache due to muscle and joints hardening to increase blood supply and tissue strength.

5.Gandharva Therapy : Secret contaminants are disrupted by the vibrations, flushing them out, helping you to feel revitalized, changed, and fully relaxed. 

6.Garshana : The procedure is beneficial for sports injuries, lower back issues, whiplash injuries, and fractured discs, where sensual, warm oil relieves the pain.
Night Stay at Hotel.
After all the excitement and treatment in Kovalam, we reached Trivandrum city. Here we check into a hotel and visit the famous  Hindu Temple Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Thiruvananthapuram city name in Malayalam translates to "The City of Lord Ananta," referring to the Padmanabhaswamy temple deity. Padmanabhaswamy is the tutelary god of the Travancore royal family. In Vaishnavism, the temple is one of the 108 principal Divya Desams ("Holy Abodes").

The Sri Chitralayam, popularly known as the Sri Chitra Art Gallery, has a collection of paintings representing the different genres of paintings in India, along with a few from other parts of Asia with a distinct stamp of Indian culture. Sri Chitra Art Gallery's main attraction is Raja Ravi Varma's paintings. He is among India's most prominent painters. 

We return to check out of the hotel after having dinner and travel to the airport for our onward journey.


It has been one whole journey. It started with sightseeing, relaxation in beaches, houseboat experience in Alleppey, and Ayurvedic treatment in Kovalam. Memories will stay longer than usual for sure.

Tour Price

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  • Breakfast in Hotels / Resorts.
  • 5 Nights accommodation in Hotels / Resorts.
  • 1 Night in Deluxe Houseboat (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).
  • Air conditioned car as per tour mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Transfers, sightseeing tour as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • English speaking Driver cum Guide.
  • Toll, State Taxes, Road Taxes, Parking. 
  • All Govt. taxes.
  • Mineral water bottles during the journey. 
  • Personal assistance, care and attention by Cosmovision.

Route Map

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“Important and useful for body and mind”
Mr. David, Australia

Trip to Kerala was amazing, we noticed two main attractions in Kerala. One was a deluxe houseboat cruise and second was Ayurvedic massages in Kerala. Me and my wife are fond of massages but ayurvedic is really more important and useful for our body and mind.

“Kerala best for Ayurvedic treatments”
Ms. Shally, Malaysia

As per my experience, Kerala is the best tourist destination for Ayurvedic treatments in India. I spent almost two weeks with my mother for her spinal injury, organized by Shobhit. One of my friends had given his reference. I am thankful to him and his team.

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