The Golden Chariot Train

The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot luxury train offers three South India tour itineraries. This luxury train is an initiative of the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC). In South Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu the Golden Chariot train covers a large collection of World Heritage Sites, wildlife sanctuary, magnificent palaces and cultural sites of South India. The Golden Chariot luxury train is equipped with latest world class amenities like air conditioning, internet, television and en-suite western washrooms. The luxury train offers 2 luxury dining cars, a bar & a lounge and fitness center and spa with all modern facilities. All three inclusive itineraries which include unique experiences, embark on a voyage through the sand of time as you travel in style aboard this luxury train in South of India.

The Golden Chariot Train
The Golden Chariot
The Golden Chariot is a luxury train of India that shows you all the splendor and magnificence of South India. An initiative of Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) and Indian Railways, it offers two brilliantly crafted itineraries which cover the most popular tourist attractions of South India like Bangalore, Thanjavur, Madurai, Kochi and Chennai. While the outstanding hospitality wins your heart inside, fabulous sightseeing and exploration does so on the outside. The interior décor is inspired by the Hoyasala and Mysore traditions of architecture which recreate the royal way of traveling by the Maharaja.

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About The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot Covered Destinations
The Golden Chariot covers destinations of South India like Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. With these train journeys, guests can get brief information and experience about the history, culture and tradition of South India. And gets opportunities to witness the most mesmerizing forts, temples, palaces, and forests.

The Golden Chariot Cabins
The Golden Chariot has eleven guest carriages, each carriage has four super deluxe cabins. These carriages are named after the dynasties that ruled South India over several centuries. 

The Golden Chariot Dining
The Golden Chariot luxury train has two restaurants Nalapaka and Ruchi with great ambience and impressive decor. These restaurants are all about timeless beauty, serene ambiance, elegant dining experience, and a touch of great comfort.

The Golden Chariot Lounge and Bar
The Golden Chariot bar serves Indian labels as well as international labels to the guests. 
Guests can experience and enjoy it with a lovely ambiance and great hospitality. Madira is the lounge bar housed within the luxury Golden Chariot train. 

Golden Chariot Train Facilities
The Golden Chariot luxury train offers high class facilities that reflect heritage, culture and royalty. The luxury train is equipped with well designed beautiful interiors to delicious multi  cuisines in both restaurants and guests can enjoy the best quality food and services during their stay while traveling on this train. The facilities of Golden Chariot Train offer the experience of really luxurious travel.

The Golden Chariot is popular for its modernity which is similar to a luxury 5-Star hotel, equipped with elegant cabins, a beautiful lounge, restaurants with great ambience, a conference hall and health spa. As per Vanity fair Magazine, The Golden Chariot train is one of the seven best luxury trains in the world.

Facilities of Golden Chariot
  • Butler Service.
  • Centrally air conditioning.
  • Magnificent Interiors.
  • LED television.
  • Writing Desk.
  • Private Bath.