Gir National Park

Jeep Safari ride of approximately 3 hours inside the dense forest of Gir National Park is organized by Gir Jungle Trail forest department. Travelers get a chance to see Asiatic Lions, leopards and many other wild animals, birds and rich flora & fauna of Gir forest. One Jeep can accommodate a maximum of 6 adults and 1 child altogether. Upto 12 years age is considered as child and more than 12 years considered as adult for jungle safari. Sasan Gir national park Safari bookings includes : Permit issued by Forest department to enter into the Gir Jungle Trail, Open Jeep, Driver and Guide approved by Forest Department, Safari coordinator service charge who will assist you while Boarding the jeep.

Gir National Park

Do's : Respect the wild animals and maintain a safe distance from them. Maintain silence during the safari. Cover your arms and legs. Sleeveless tops & capris won't protect against insect bites.

Don'ts : All drivers and guides are given a set of instructions regarding the speed, the route to be followed, the distance to be kept from other vehicles and wild animals. Never encourage them to break these rules. Do not speak loudly or play music inside the park. Do not offer eatables to birds and animals. Be mindful and respectful of the plants and wildlife around you. Do not wear perfumes or any other strong smelling substances.

Gir National Park

Devalia Safari Park : Devalia is part of National Park of Gir that is segregated by Chain-like 412 Ha fences. Devalia caters to those tourists that are unable to get permits for safari in Gir. Crocodile Breeding farm : The centre of crocodile breeding in Sasan Gir has always been a very unique place where baby to adult crocks are found. Kamleshwar Dham : This is considered the most requisite area of a dam that has been built over the river of Hiran. Tulsishyam temple/kankaimatateple : This is considered to be one of the most famous temples within the area and is dedicated to Krishna. Zamzir waterfall : This waterfall is a lovely one being present on Hiran river and is quite a beautiful place having an active waterfall all round the year.

Gir National Park

Winter is infact a great time to plan Jungle safari in Gir national park in Gujarat. The best time to explore Gir national park are the winter months because the weather is pleasant and has a cool quotient and you have an amazing chance to witness game sightings, wildlife in its natural habitat. From November till March are considered the best time to visit and explore Gir Forest National Park. Due to the rainy season, Gir national park is closed from mid June till 15th October every year. April and May, despite being summer (hot) months, are perfect to witness the amazing wildlife of Gir national park but June is too hot and is advisable for only those travelers, who can cope up with the harsh loo's of this summer month.

Gir National Park

​Mask your face to protect from the dust. Wear comfortable cotton clothes and avoid loud colours & bold prints. Empty your bowels and bladders before you set off on the safari or wait for the toilet break. Keep binocular/s with you. It's important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated while on safari. Keep plenty of water on board. You should always listen and follow all the instructions given by your guide during your safari excursions. Don’t be shy to ask questions to your guide, this will enhance your safari experience tremendously!​ Do not be disappointed if you don't see the lion. There are many other interesting creatures that are to be seen and cherished. Gir National Park is breathtaking even in its scenery.

Gir National Park

​The worldwide famous Gir national park has plenty of good options for travelers to stay. Sasan Gir has many options from super deluxe lodges to standard and budget star category hotels and resorts for travelers with distinct paying capacity as per their budget. There are ample options for laid-back stay in Gir Forest Reserve. Room rates depend upon traveling dates during low season time it come down to literally half the amount when there is low season but it is always advisable that one cross checks before they go ahead with booking. This park is visited well round the year therefore you might have a short supply for the accommodation hence it is advisable that booking is done way before, in advance, particularly during winter months. 

Gir National Park Safari Gir National Park Gir Jungle Safari Safari at Gir Jungle Safari, Gir National Park

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Gir National Park is famous?
The Gir National Park is the only national park in India that nurtures Asiatic Lions and it is the home to the ever-charming Asiatic Lions.
In which state Gir National Park is located?
Gir national park is located in Gujarat state of India.
Which month is best for Gir National Park?
The best time to visit Gir national park is in winter, from November to March.
Which animals live in Gir National Park?
In Gir national park is a home for Asiatic lions and an incredible array of diverse wildlife, including langur monkeys, jackals, leopards, antelope, deer, crocodiles and over 300 species of birds.
Which safari is best in Gir?
Sasan Gir Jeep safari is the best safari in Gir national park.
How many lions are there in Gir?
There are approximately 600 Asiatic lions left in the Gir Forest of Western India.
Is Gir safari closed on Wednesday?
Only Devalia Safari Park Remains Closed on Wednesday at Gir national park.
What is entry fees of Gir National Park?
Apart from safari charges, only the admission charge for Indian tourists is Rs. 75, while the fee for foreign visitors is Rs. 100 to get inside the park. 
How many days are enough for Gir National Park?
At least three days are required to explore Gir National Park.  

Is Gir Forest worth visiting?
Yes, it is worth visiting at least once in lifetime. Many travelers and wildlife lovers love to visit Gir from India and from abroad too.


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